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Summer System Special 

Streamline and Automate

your Client Management System without the overwhlem

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It's time to get your business ready for Q4! 

Here's the thing...

You've got clients coming in but
your process is tedious and it's making you frustrated. You want to get more clients but you don't know how to go about it. You're already overwhelmed with the current clients there's barely enough time to look after them let alone your own business. 

You're stuck and you're wondering how do other business owners do it? 


Admin is not your thing and you really wish you can give it to someone else to do but you know it needs to get done otherwise you can't deliver what you said you'll deliver!  


Too busy with your current clients you hardly have any time to focus and nurture your new leads. Until you realise that your current client contract is coming to an end. 


You're spending more time working in your business rather than on your business. You've created a job for yourself that requires more hours.

Work Smart Not Hard

You see, while you're busy and frustrated doing all the work in your business, your business mates are thriving. You see them on social media flaunting their achievements but you're still pulling your hair out questioning yourself "am I ever going to make it?" This kind of question is making it hard for you to see the vision ahead and keep up with your goals.

Imagine this...

✅ Getting paid without sending awkward payment reminder emails 

 Getting all the information you need to start working with your clients right from the start

 Working with clients you only want to work with

 Being able to make more money while working less in your business and doing the things that make you feel good 

Healthy Woman

Henrietta, Personal Stylist Coach

summer systems sale.png

"Before starting this business I had no structure. Being a business owner I am in charge of myself. I experienced burnout in my business. Since working with Phebi I have a new insight!

You don't need to hire another VA you need better systems.

You see many entrepreneurs believe that they need to hire more people in their business but truth be told, business owners need better systems to scale their business and live the lifestyle they want. Having a well-oiled system allows your business to run the way you want it, provide a better client experience and let's not forget to run more efficiently. 

Don't get me wrong having a team is required to scale but if your system is not intact then neither is your team. You want your team to be productive therefore your system needs to do the heavy lifting. 


The Summer System Special

Client Management System 

Get your client management system built using Dubsado CRM in less than 7 days!! 


At Freedom with Simple Systems, I'll help you to build out your client processes (for your signature service) so that you can do less work and make more money. 


You'll get an organised simple system that will take your clients from potential to booked clients in no time!  


You'll be able to take on more clients without admin overwhelm and let's not forget the time you'll be saving in 

1:1 System Strategy Session

 Redefining and mapping out a simple client process according to your business needs.

Invoicing & Payment

Get paid on time, send automatic reminders or get paid on autopilot. Easily keep track of paid and missed payments. Also, keep track of your income goals!!

Custom Scheduler 

Quick book clients and keep track of your calendar. No more double bookings! 

Custom Forms & Packages

Qualifying form buildout and charge your worth. No more changing prices!

Custom Client Portal

Have all your client documents in one place. Never lose client information. Also allows you to present your business as a professional business.


Design a business that flows easily and allows you to understand your processes.  

Custom Canned Emails

Personalised emails for each and every lead and client coming through your door.

x2 Automated workflows

Turn your leads into clients without lifting a finger! Get your new system to do the heavy lifting for you. 

Tool Integration

Connect your client management system with other tools and customise client interaction effortlessly.

With this, you'll end up with a professional business that wows your clients and elevates your client experience. 

Become a trust and referral worthy business that gets new leads on autopilot! 


Get more done in less time...

This is for you if...

 you've been in business for more than 1 year 
✅ you're ready to invest in professional service
 you value your time 

 you're a service-based business owner such as coaches, consultants and freelancers who is ready to scale their business 

This is not for you if...

❌ you're not ready to invest in your business 
 you're not ready to scale your business 
 you don't want to create a professional-client experience 

 you're not a service-based business owner, coach, consultant or freelancer


Sevelina Financial Empowerment Coach, UK

"My biggest struggles were marketing outside my friends and family. I wanted to know if my product was really appealing. Phebi provided me with structure, focus and attention".


How long will this take?

The Dubsado buildout can last anywhere between 7 -14 days however this is reliant on client responsiveness. 

Can you still help me if I don't have any processes in place?

Yes, I can help you map out your process before I start to build your client management system 

Do I need to sign up for Dubsado?
Yes, you will need to have an account. Don't worry it is FREE for the first 3 clients. You'll also get 20% off your first month or year using my code >> click here

How much is the investment for a buildout?
I'm currently running a Summer Special at £1000. You need to pay a 50% deposit before we get started. 

Do you do payment plans?
You can pay in 2 insultments 50% when booking and the other 50% due to 3days before your project end date. 

What else will I get?
You'll receive 1:1 personalised training to ensure you know how to use the system and you'll also get recorded videos. 

If you have any questions, you can email  

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Phebi - CRM Campiagn Strategist

Hello, I'm Phebi. I help business owners to reduce the amount of time and effort they spend in their business and make more money through streamlined and automated client management systems using Dubsado. This summer I'm running a system special to help you get ready for Q4. Click the button now to get started!

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