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Client Management and Business Support Services 

Every business needs support in order to thrive. Get the help you need to save yourself from doing all the work in your business!


You need someone to help you manage, monitor and ensure that your clients receive the best experience while working with you.

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Having the right person on your team can make all the difference. 

We help you take care of the time-consuming tasks that need to be done and are not the best use of your time.

There are a few ways you can work with us see below to learn more. 

Monthly Retainer

Monthly retainers are a set number of hours that can be used every month to get tasks done. Useful for those who need an extra pair of hands for general business support. Click the button below to learn more!

Available upon request


Packages are beneficial for businesses that need specific help on a regular basis. You are not charged by the hour instead it is a set amount. No need to worry about how many hours have been used, the job will still get done.  Click the button below to learn more.

 Set amount

Ad Hoc/Hourly

Not sure how many hours you need. Or maybe you need to add on an extra hour or two, no problem. Our ad hoc rate allows you to use just 1 hour per month. Click the button below to learn more. 

 £37 per hour


Client Management and Tech Support

Our client management and tech support service is about providing your clients with the best possible experience whilst working with you. Our goal is to ensure that your clients are able to navigate through your service with ease. This means from the moment they onboard to offboarding and even maintaining relationships during their time with you.


Check out our specialist services we offer below:


CRM management  helps manage and monitor your client relationships. Making sure that things like contracts are signed, invoices are paid and forms are filled. Anything that is not done via automation will be managed.  

Course and Membership Management 

Making sure your students have access to your course or membership site is essential. We'll also help you to ensure content is uploaded as appropriate and manage the general site

Email Marketing and Email Management

Building relationships is at the heart of FWSS. You'll get email marketing support. Whether it's a sequence you need to set up or one-off emails to be sent weekly, we've got you. 

Website Management

Keeping your website up to date is a task you don't want to be dealing with. Here with my support you'll get your website up to date and reviewed on a regular basis. If you have new content that requires uploading we can do this for you.

Who this is for?

  • Small service based businesses. 

  • You run an online business or you want to get your business online.

  • Tech is not your thing and you'll rather get someone else to do it. 

  • You want to ensure you provide a high-level service to your clients. 

Who this is not for?

  • You are not ready to grow your business. ​

  • You are not ready to hire a systems strategist or virtual assistant​.

  • You have time on your hands and are able to manage your clients and business yourself.


Our packages are designed to help you improve your services, save you time and effort.

We offer 4 support packages, see our packages below!


Client Management Support

The client management support service is designed to help you manage your CRM/Client relationships and business operations. See below the types of activities conducted in this service: 

  • Client onboarding/offboarding management 

  • Setting up and managing G-drive and documents 

  • Client communication and project management support 

  • Contact/list organisation 

  • Responding to client enquiry 

  • Tracking leads and follow-up 

  • Email support and organisation

  • Inbox and diary management

  • Regular client communication and check-ups. 

We can also help with new creating new assets within Dubsado CRM such as canned emails and templates. 

However, new items/services such as new workflows and new processes will be charged as an add-on service. 

If you would like this service it is advised to get a system audit also known as the strategy session to ensure you get the best experience. See more on our strategy service here.

£850 per month 

Email Management and Email Marketing 

If you don't like email management or you're just overwhelmed with your inbox then this service is perfect for you. 

We'll help you manage your inbox, create your regular newsletters and create your email sequences for your services and products. 

Here's what this service includes: 

  • Checking your emails twice a day (mornings and afternoons – 30 minutes) 

  • Responding to enquiries

  • Email organisation - filing and flagging emails

  • Arranging meetings

  • Unsubscribing from junk mail

  • Diary management 

  • Sending/scheduling weekly newsletters

  • Setting up email sequences 

Checking twice a day Monday to Friday (exc bank holidays)

£650 per month 

Course and Membership Management

Running a course or membership is a lot of work. Rather than focusing on the backend of your course/membership, we'll help you manage all the backend to ensure everything runs smoothly. Here's what we'll do: 

  • Respond to client enquiries 

  • Content update on course/membership site 

  • Manage student/member payments 

  • Student/client communication 

  • Monitor membership data

  • Email management

  • Email marketing 

  • Community management

  • Video uploads and more. 

Support is available Monday to Friday. You will also get regular status reports of your course and membership platform. 

£850 per month

Website Support

Websites need to be regularly monitored. Making sure that your website is up to date is important. We'll help you update your site with new content such as new copy, images and testimonials. We'll make sure your website is working as it should. 

Your website will be monitored on a monthly basis. If you require regular content updates then this service is available twice a week. However, if you need new website pages this will be charged as an add-on service. 

  • Wix website

  • Designing landing pages 

  • Content update 

  • Site maintenance 

  • Email Marketing 

Please book a free consult below to get started. 

£450 per month

Business Woman

If you would like to apply for our client management support service and have not worked with us before please let us know during your consultation.


The systems strategy session will help to ensure that your system is ready and functional before commencing the Client Management Support service. If you have had the strategy session with us then you will need to make sure the system is fully implemented before this service starts.


Please, note that the set-up service is not part of the client management support service. 

Monthly Retainer

Our monthly retainer is for you if you're looking for consistent support for your general day-to-day tasks.

Check out the types of tasks we conduct in our monthly retainer. 

Business Administration 

Inbox and diary management

Filing and organisation 

Data entry 

Manage a contact list

Document template creation

Invoice and contract management 

Lead Generation

Direct outreach

Email outreach and management

Building lead database 

Lead research 

CRM management 

Lead generation funnel setup

Sending follow-up emails

Project Management 

Project planning 

Project tracking

Organising to-do lists

Resource management 

Project file and organisation

Standard Operating Procedure documentation 

Client Management

Inbox and diary management

CRM management

Following up with clients

Scheduling client meetings

File management

Meeting minutes 

Answering support tickets

Managing client and contact lists

Client invoicing

Online webinar support

Wix Website 

Designing Wix websites, Creating mock-ups

Designing landing/sales / opt-in pages

Basic video editing (splicing intros & outros with raw footage)

Email Marketing 

Market research

Creating an email list 

Adding and removing Subscribers from lists

Creating and scheduling emails

Sending follow-up emails and auto-responders

Creating email newsletters

Creating email sequences 

Monitoring analytics

Monthly Retainer
Ad hoc - Tech Virtual Assistant Service
The Simple Strategy Session

Ad hoc or Hourly Rate

It’s so simple to work with us. This is good if you need on-demand support. You only need to use 1 hour per month. This gives you the flexibility you need.

Our ad hoc rate is just

£37 per hour!


*Strategy Sessions are not required for this service!


A good system will relieve you of repetitive tasks and time-consuming tasks that take you hours upon hours to do and drain the life out of you.

If you're feeling burnt out and overwhelmed with to-dos, then you're in the right place! 




Book a free consultation 

To get started book a free consultation by clicking on the button.


Complete your onboarding 

Complete your onboarding, this includes your contract, invoice and any forms. 


Conduct a Kick off call 

Let's get to know each other a little more. We'll need to have a kick-off call where I will collect more information if required. 


Let's get to work

Let's get to work. I'll begin supporting you in your business. 


Below is an overview of services you can purchase while working with us: 



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IMG_2452 (1).jpg

Imagine all the time you spent doing "admin" and "follow up", with your new system you can do use that time to spend with your family doing things that you enjoy.

If tech is not your zone of genius, then don't waste time doing it!



“Wow! Thank you, you made everything easier!”

Social media post 14 dec week (9).png

Hi Phebi,

Just seen your email and the portal! And wow thank you for all your work, you took your time and made my life easier and sorted things out. Things I didn't even know I needed like the logo. Thank you for the video too.

—  Celestina, Floating Counselling



We'll help you implement a client management system and help you retain clients in your business. Retain your clients without the overwhelm.




Build your brand. Our systems help you to improve your brand reputation with professional systems that levels up your client experiences!



We work to help you reduce manual efforts by automating your systems so that you're not doing repetitive tasks and can deliver excellent client experiences. 


It's time to level up and become the CEO that you are!

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Copy of Certified Specialist Badge.png


Phebi is a Certified Dubsado Specialist and Business tech pro who helps online service-based business owners to implement systems to grow their business.


Phebi founded Freedom with Simple Systems for service-based entrepreneurs who want to elevate their client experience and improve efficiency in their business so, that they can have more time and a better lifestyle.

Phebi uses proven strategies to help service-based entrepreneurs to scale their businesses without overwhelm.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I need content created? 

No problem we can create some new content such as forms or email templates. Please, note that if you need a system review and implementation you will be invoiced. 

2. How does the monthly retainer work? 

You will be given a start date from the moment you complete your contract and invoice. Your retainer month will be based on the day you started. At the end of each month, you will receive a service report providing you with information on the service we provided. We also ask that you provide us with feedback so that we can know how we are doing. 

3. How do I pay? 

We will send you an invoice each month or we'll set up automated payments to make it easier for you. This will be less disruptive to your service. You will also receive receipts when payment is completed. 

4. Can I cancel my contract? 

Only at specific times for instance, after your trial period or after the end of your 3 monthly retainer. Your retainer is automatically renewed unless you provide us with notice of cancellation. 

5. How much notice do I have to give to end my contract? 

You will need to provide us with a 2-weeks notice via email before your next invoice is created. Once your invoice has been sent to you, you will be liable to complete it.

6. When will I be invoiced?


You will be invoiced 1 week before the end of the month. Payments are due immediately once you have been invoiced. 


Go from overwhelmed to organised in just a few weeks!

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