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Your Client Management Health Check quiz results are in...

Based on your results it looks like you’re not making a good impression on your clients.


'Improve your brand with a CRM'.

The Reputation Plan

What does this mean?


Branding is not just about the colours you use on your Instagram page or your website. It's also about how you present yourself/business to your clients. The way you work with our clients can have an impact on how they see you. 

Are you well organised?

Does your business run smoothly?

Are they always waiting a long time for you to get to them?

Are they chasing you for things?

These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself. 

If you're always dropping the ball and things are getting forgotten such as replying to emails, submitting important documents or simply following up with tasks then this can be a bad look on your part.


This shows a lack of organisation and professionalism. This can leave a bad taste in their mouth and they'll probably not want to work with you again.


It's important to remember, people talk!


This can either be a good or bad thing for your business.


If your clients are having bad experiences with you they are more likely to tell their friends, family or anyone they know that might be looking for your service and that’s dangerous for your business.


Referrals have the biggest impact on businesses and most businesses survive purely on referrals only, word of mouth is powerful!



Here are some ways a CRM can help you reduce manual task repetition: 

[1] Workflows


Use workflows to help reduce repetitive manual intensive tasks such as sending emails, wiring proposals, sending contracts and invoices.


[2] System Review

Regularly review your system to make sure everything is still working and your systems are up to date with your processes.

[3] Create Templates 


Create your templates. Many service-based business owners want to customise prices or reduce prices for clients. What you don't know is that this can cause you to do more work in the backend because you have to make adjustments. Make your prices FIXED and stick to them.


Need a Client Management System? 

Book your free consultation to find out how to I can help you improve your brand and get more clients! 

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