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Streamline Your Client Onboarding Without the Administrative Hassle!

"Transform Your Client Experience and Boost Your Business Efficiency with Our Done-for-You Onboarding System"

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Are you tired of juggling administrative tasks while struggling to present yourself as a true professional?

Do you find yourself chasing clients to pay invoices and battling to get contracts completed?

I get it; admin work can be a real headache.

Here's the deal...

Onboarding clients can be a real-time eater. All those forms, contracts, and payment stuff – it's like a never-ending paperwork marathon.

And guess what?


Your clients want things to be smooth sailing from day one. Any bumps along the way can make them feel uneasy about your services.

Plus, there's the risk of making mistakes in all that manual data entry. Errors could lead to misunderstandings or even legal issues. Yikes!

But it doesn't stop there. As you aim to grow your consulting business, the old way of onboarding just can't keep up. It's not built for scaling up smoothly. 

And here's the kicker – those delays in onboarding can mean delays in getting paid 😩. Your cash flow takes a hit, and that's never fun.

In a nutshell, the problem is that onboarding clients the traditional way is a real time-drain, error-prone, and it doesn't give you the slick, efficient start you and your clients deserve.


It can hold back your business growth and put a strain on your finances.


Let's fix that!

But what if I told you there's a way...

 A way to transform your coaching or consulting business into a well-oiled machine without committing to a full setup?


Improving how you bring in new clients can be a total game-changer for your consulting business.


⭐️ Less hassle with paperwork and more time doing what you do best – consulting! 

⭐️ Wowing your clients with A smooth onboarding process from day one. No more delays or headaches – just pro-level professionalism that builds trust. Bye-Bye Mistakes!

⭐️ Upgrading means no more mistakes from typing stuff in by hand. Everything stays correct, no misunderstandings and no legal troubles. 

⭐️ Easy Growth…handle your clients with no sweat.

⭐️ Boosting  Your Money Flow: means quick onboarding and fast contracts and payments. Your wallet will be happier, and your business healthier.

Levelling up your onboarding is all about saving time, making clients happy, avoiding mistakes, growing smoothly, and making more money. It's the savvy move for a thriving consulting business. Let's do it!

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The Simple Onboarding System

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The Done For You Onboarding System  buildout for coaches and consultants who want to level up their client experience and build a professional business! - The secret to putting your business on the path to success without the tech headaches and administrative hassles.

What you'll get...


📦 Customised Onboarding System

Tailored onboarding system that fits your unique needs and business style.


📦 Seamless Implementation

A onboarding specialist who will do all the heavy lifting to ensure your system is up and running smoothly.


📦 Training & Support

You'll get the training and support you need to make the most of your new system.


What your onboarding system will include...







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Untitled design (16).png






Untitled design (15).png


Image by Alexa Williams


Strategy Session (Process Mapping)

Your strategy session is a 1:1 session where we will design your onboarding process.


Essentially, this is a step-by-step plan.


We'll go through your goals and help you map out an onboarding system that will help you achieve your goals! This is a vital step. The session will be conducted via Zoom!

I will create a flow chart that shows you what your process will look like.

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"Transform Your Client Experience and Boost Your Business Efficiency with Our Done-for-You Onboarding System"



Complete your onboarding form. You'll get access to your portal, forms and invoice and resources required.



We'll begin to build your system, create the content required for your system and build your workflows as agreed.



(Process Mapping)

Book your Strategy Session where we'll collect all the information we need to streamline your process.



Testing and review your new system. It will be tested multiple times, and then reviewed to ensure you're happy with it. 



We'll send you your workflow. You'll need to review and sign it off, so we can begin the work! Very important step!


System Walkthrough

Here, we'll do a walkthrough session with you and show you what your new system looks like, and how it will works.


You are a service-based business owner such as a coach,  consultant, OBM, VA or freelancer.

You want to save time and energy on manual-intensive and repetitive tasks.

You are ready to level up your client experience and increase your sales.

You have a team or want to start hiring and improve your team's efficiency.

🌟Benefits, You'll Love... 

Instant Organisation: Imagine having all your client information, contracts, and invoices neatly organised in one place, accessible at your fingertips.

Professionalism: Say goodbye to chasing clients for payments and struggling to complete contracts. Present yourself as the true professional you are.

Time Freedom: Reclaim your precious time and focus on what you do best – coaching and consulting. Let us handle the tech and admin side of things.

Revenue: Save more and make more. Get paid easily and quickly with your new system!

Lola Bejide
Early Careers Strategist and Founder of Soluman Consultancy

"Phebi recognised that what I wanted wasn't what I needed. Phebi takes all the stress out of it and makes sure you give your clients the best user experience possible"

Past Projects /Testimonials

pRespect (1).png

Viana Maya
DEI and Antiracism Consultant and Founder of pRespect 

Before working with us, pRespect was doing a lot of manual tasks. We helped pRespect to build their client management system using Dubsado to improve their onboarding system. The team are now able to onboard clients without tedious backend tasks. 


Benedicta Egbeme 
Accountant and Founder of BeniRatio

"Phebi has helped me in my business. Wherever there is automation anywhere, Phebi is the lady who helped me put it into place”

⏳ Act Now for Exclusive Benefits

🔥 Limited Availability: We're only taking a select number of clients to ensure top-notch service and attention to detail.

🔥 Special Pricing: For a limited time, we're offering our "Done For You Onboarding System" at a special discounted rate.

🔥 Fast-Track Success: Get started now, and within days, experience the benefits of a streamlined, professional business that closes contracts quickly.

It's Time to Thrive

Don't let admin work hold you back from achieving your coaching or consulting goals. With our "Done For You Onboarding System," you can have the organised, professional, and efficient business you've always dreamed of – without the hassle.

Take action now, and let us transform your business!


The Simple Onboarding System

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🌟 Investment: £997 (Valued at £2500) 

What you'll get: 

Strategy Session 
Customised Onboarding System 

Content development
Branded forms (contract, proposal, lead capture and questionnaire)
Custom scheduler 
Automated onboarding workflow 
Package setup 
Client Portal 
Tool integration 
Custom Workflow 
Training and System Walkthrough
This exclusive offer won't last long!

👉 Book Your Free Consultation to see if you qualify for this exclusive offer.

Spots are filling up fast, so don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your business.

Say goodbye to admin headaches and hello to business success! 

Secure your onboarding system today!  

Meet Phebi- System Strategist

Empowering Ambitious Individuals with Freedom Through Simple Systems

Hello, I'm Phebi, your dedicated System Strategist. My journey into the Tech industry is marked by a unique blend of accomplishments and a passion for empowering ambitious individuals, particularly mothers, to achieve work-life balance and success.

With a background in healthcare and a track record of successfully managing IT projects and optimising systems for healthcare professionals, I've transitioned into the online business world, bringing my expertise to empower service-based businesses. I hold both a BSc and MSc degree, reflecting my commitment to continuous learning and growth.

What sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to client success. I've not only improved my clients' experiences but also helped one secure a significant corporate contract. My dedication extends to mentoring new Virtual Assistants, guiding them as they embark on their own journeys.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, I recognise the importance of staying ahead. As your trusted partner, I specialise in streamlining and automating processes, from automating repetitive tasks to implementing efficient client management systems and ensuring data security. I'm not just tech-savvy; I'm a strategic thinker who aligns with your business goals.

My mission is to free up your time so you can focus on what you do best. Together, we'll navigate the ever-changing industry landscape with confidence and efficiency, elevating your coaching or consulting practice to new heights. Experience the difference with FWSS Agency as your secret weapon on your journey towards success.
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