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3 Ways to Manage Your Career and Side Hustle

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Can you have a side hustle with a full time job? Well you might already be doing this, if so here are 3 ways you can take control and be in charge of your business and career...

Getting Started

Now I know you’ve heard that building multiple streams of income is the way forward. Having a job just simply doesn’t cut it. We can no longer just rely on a job. Coronavirus has certainly changed the game for all of us.

Having a career that you love and a side hustle can be challenging. So how do we make more money without the overwhelm?

Here are a few tips to help you start working smarter rather than harder

1. Get Organised

Firstly you want to make sure you are organised as much as possible. Get your timings right. Figure out and set the times you want to work on your business whether that’s taking client calls or working on client projects. Create a timetable/routine for yourself.

2. Establish Communication

The best thing you can do is establish the best way you and your clients will communicate. Think about the time, when and how. This allows you to be organised, prepared and helps you to maintain good client relationships. This is key for client retention and referrals.

3. Get Automated

Automation is key for any business owner. Having a client management system allows you to nurture and retain clients. It also does a lot of the work for you, for example, automating follow-ups and even managing your invoices.

Let technology do all the hard work even when you're not available.

The Finale

I absolutely love the way CRM tools manage every step of my business and this has changed the way I work.

If you need help with implementing your Client Management System you can book your free consultation.


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