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How a CRM can be an Effective Marketing Tool

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

I often feel like business owners downplay the importance of a CRM and don't value CRM specialists as much as they should. Not sure why this is. Maybe it's because CRM specialists are seen as just signing up for a tool and putting information there. Well, I can assure you it's much more than that.

A CRM is about obtaining valuable information that can 10x your business. If you've ever heard the saying data is king, it is. The more you know something about someone or something, the more power you have.

You have more knowledge which means you can offer them the services you know they are likely to want rather than just guessing. This gives you a higher chance of being more successful than your competitors.

With a CRM, it centralises information. So if you have a marketing team, sales team and even an onboarding team, it will allow everyone to access the same data without confusion. Your client success team will also be able to provide a very good service which is also part of marketing and client experience.

Here are 3 ways you can use a CRM for your marketing

As a Dubsado CRM specialist, this will be based on Dubsado features; however, you may find that other CRMs do this too, so you can apply the same principle to other CRMs.

1. Centralised Information
Like I said before, you can have information all in one place which means you and your team do not have to into different tools and software to find information.

You can group this information and look at the patterns and insights. You can also organise your data, which is one of the best things about using a CRM. Since you have collected information on your clients, you can find out the most common problems and again use that for your marketing.

2. Grouping
Now in Dubsado, I use tags to group my projects. You can have clients with multiple projects. Projects are like the services you provide. Let's say Client A requires a website build; that's one service or in Dubsado's terminology, one project.

Client A now needs another service, a CRM development that's another project. That's one client with two projects. When a client books any of my services, I will tag them according to their selected service. Doing this allows me to see my most popular service and market that service more. I could tag clients according to where they are from or who they are. I now know where most of my clients are coming from and market my most popular service to those groups or types of people.

3. Personalised communication
One of the other things I love about a CRM is that it allows you to customise your communication, so it's more personal. When people see general emails sent to them, they are less likely to respond, but when they see their name, they are more likely to open the email or read through it because it's more personal to them (it feels more special).

I use the custom fields in Dubsado to personalise each communication to every lead/client. The best thing is that it can all be automated, so you don't have to spend hours sending each email!!

Now, how about that? You see a CRM is much more than just information gathering. You can use it for so much more. It is effective and efficient, saving you time and effort!!

I think more people should value CRMs more and understand that it is vital for your business in this day and age!

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I'm Phebi (Systems Strategist), Creator of Freedom with Simple Systems (FWSS).

At FWSS we help small service-based businesses leverage tech by building systems that generate leads, build valuable relationships and improve client experiences while saving business owners time, effort and money in their business.

If you need help with your business backend such as client management systems, website, email, or online business management, then please get in touch by booking a free consultation here.

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