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3 Tips to Dealing With Overwhelm as an Entrepreneur

Okay, let’s face it. Many entrepreneurs have a lot of things going on in their lives and in their businesses. So, how do they get it done?

How are some of them able to be more successful than others? When I get clients come to me they are nearly always overwhelmed with everything in their business.

They either are not getting the results they had hoped for or they are so overbooked they can’t keep up and feel they are about to crash. Whatever the situation they tend to be in a state before they come to me.

Life is demanding FULL STOP! Especially an entrepreneur, it’s easy to become overwhelmed because we are creatives we have all these ideas and imaginations of what we want our businesses to look like.

We sometimes try to do everything at once, I know I do at least and that’s the problem.

1. You’re trying to do everything all at the same time!

There are so many things you’re trying to do at the same time. For some, it may be trying to focus on building their career as well as business, for others it may be starting more than one business at the same time (I see this a lot).

Whatever the cause it’s important to remember that if you try to do everything you tend to get nothing done or your results at not good enough.

That’s why you must learn to FOCUS (FOLLOW ONE COURSE UNTIL SUCCESSFUL).

When I first heard of this my mind was blown 🤯!

As simple as it is, it made perfect sense. This is the reason why many people never start or end up failing because they lack focus.

I don’t coach anyone who I think lacks focus because they’ll be jumping from one place to another, I’m not interested, to be honest!

For me, it’s a sign that your results are likely to be poor and I don’t want that on my hands. Your success is my success.

To achieve your goals and to reduce overwhelm you must focus on one thing at a time.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t do all the things you want to do but just not all at the same time!

Stop trying to start different businesses at the same time, yes I said it! 👀😊

2. What are your priorities?

Just like focus many people don’t focus on the top tasks/activities that will generate the results they want. To be honest your priorities will change in each season or period of your life but the main thing is to identify the correct priorities at the right time.

The best way to get out of feeling overwhelmed is to pick what’s most important to you at this time. Ask yourself, “what do I want to achieve?”

I like to use the RAG Status. It’s something I learnt when I was in the project management.

R = Red = highly urgent, A = Amber = urgent, G = Green = low urgency. This is a simple way to define your priorities.

I also like to think about my values such as my family.

I’ve always said that they are important to me so one of the things I do is make sure they are sorted and don’t need me for anything while I’m working on my business.

Especially, having young kids and working from home. I make sure my support is set up and when I’m working on my business I’m conducting the important tasks that help me to get closer to my goals.

3. Systems + Support = Success!

I bet you guessed it. Yes, Systems! This is key for any business growth. I can’t say this enough. Every successful business owner has systems in their business and someone to help them run their business.

You can’t do it all alone and you can’t do it without investing into your business. Sometimes, if I know something will take me long to do or I have too much going on I hire the task out.

Why? Because I know that this will help me get closer to my goal more quickly.

Think about it, Mcdonalds or any other large companies all have a system that allows them to to be productive, consistent and also repetitive.

This means they know what they are doing in their business every single day and don’t waste time on a task that doesn’t get them to get closer to their goal.

I know how to build a website but I’ve had to hire it out because I knew it wasn’t a good use of my time.

So, how did this help me? It allowed me more free time which I used to spend with my family and get other tasks done in my business.

I feel so empowered when I do things like that. But my point is systems are much needed if you want to grow and become a successful entrepreneur!

If you’re not sure on how to get started in how you can start doing less in your business then book a free consultation here!



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