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Course Development Solution

Course Development Solution

Elevate Coaching and Consultancy


Elevate Coaching and Consultancy, specialises in Leadership and Public Speaking courses. Francesca from Elevate Coaching and Consultancy sought our assistance in building their course platform and sales funnel to support coaching clients.


Francesca required a platform to deliver courses but was unsure where to start and required expertise in setting up an automated system. The absence of a structured platform hindered client acquisition and the delivery of professional services.

Client Goals 

The primary goal for Elevate Coaching and Consultancy was to have an automated platform designed to bring in clients seamlessly and deliver a professional service. The aim was to create a course platform and sales funnel that streamlined the process from client acquisition to course delivery.

What we did 

Our team collaborated with Francesca to build a comprehensive Course and Membership Platform. We designed a sales funnel that automated the client acquisition process and facilitated a seamless experience for course participants.

What happened as a result

The outcome of our collaboration with Elevate Coaching and Consultancy was the successful implementation of a fully automated system. The platform not only facilitated payment processing but also provided instant access to the courses. The social media support further enhanced their online presence.

Professional Female

Francesca McDowall

Leadership and Public Speaking Coach

What Our Client Says...

Phebi has really supported my business. The structure, communication, timelines and additional ideas have been super helpful. Having the social media support has been incredibly valuable, and how that has connected the dots with developing this aspect of my business. I have also found the Stand up meetings helpful, and focuses me to work on the business not just in it.
It has taken time to adjust to me remembering I don't have to manage and have oversight of every detail, as I tend to be detail focused, so it's been helpful to see on Monday updates and progress. "

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