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The Property Virtual Assistant 

VA support brought to you by Phebi - Helping you build your property empire with ease!

Do you wish you had someone to help you do the things you don't want to do or don't have the time for?? Well, you're in luck here at Freedom with Simple Systems. I help property professionals conduct tasks that they don't have time for. I'll help you keep track of your business backend and get you organised!

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What's going on with you? 

You are someone who doesn't like admin.


You don't have time to get your backend in order.


You're overwhlemed with all the moving parts in your business


Frankly, you just need admin support. Someone who can take the stress out and keep everything up to date.

How I can help you

As a business owner, I understand the importance of maintaining your business backend. It's just as important as keeping those clients coming in. Your business can't run without it, but here's the thing, it's getting harder and harder to manage and do it all. 

Here at FWSS I help you reclaim your time by helping you to conduct those tasks that drain you such as managing your email, following up with payments and data entry. 

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How it works

Whether you need administrative support or someone to make sure all the contracts are signed and payments up to date, I can help you. You wouldn't have to worry about the cost of hiring an employee and all the things that come with it such as pension, holiday pay, NI and tax etc. Instead, you'll get a dedicated self-employed virtual assistant. 


Ready to get started?    

Step One 

Book you a free discovery call and complete our application form.

Step Two

Complete invoice and contract.

Step Three

Book kick off call.


Administrative Support

Managing calendars and setting appointments 

Inbox and dairy management 

Updating contact list 

Drafting letters and emails 

Data entry 

Spreadsheet creation and management

Document creation 

G-Drive organisation 

Property research

Property Management Support

Invoice and payment management 

Website Support 

Issue right-to-rent guides

Sending letters and contracts to clients and tenants

Issuing rent reminders 

CRM and software management

and more 

*If there is anything else you need help with not mentioned here, please let me know in your application form and we can discuss this on our call. 



I was completely all over the place in my business

I was simply looking to organise my business, but in fact, it was a whole new experience!

I am confident that my new clients will receive improved and an excellent experience when working with me.

Julia, Seven Opulence Property Services

I had no website prior to working with Phebi. She understood my vision and bought it to life. Prospective clients are now able to check out my past projects and most importantly find the information they need. 


Thank you Phebi! 

Curtis, CJC Property Development

Just seen your email and the portal! And wow, thank you for all your work, you took your time and made my life easier and sorted things out. Things I didn't even know I needed, like the logo.


Thank you for the video, too.

 Celestina, Floating Counselling





Welcome to Freedom with Simple Systems. I’m Phebi a Systems Strategist who offers virtual assistant services. Why? Because I love a well-organised business and it’s my thing. 


Running a business is no easy task. You’re an action taker and you prefer meeting and serving your clients. Your business admin can keep stuck and drained. Let’s not forget all the other responsibilities like your family and other personal commitments, it feels like you don't have enough time in the day. 


When you become tired and drained, you're more likely to lose deals and clients. This is how businesses fail. 


I help small businesses like yours get organised and stay on top of your business admin. I do the things that you don’t want to do. Outsourcing tasks can help improve your business profits and you can continue to do the things you enjoy most. 


No matter what industry I’ve worked in, my speciality has always come down to business systems and organisation. 


When you work with me you will feel more in control and you’ll see your business grow. 


It’s time to focus on what you’re good at! 


Ready to elevate your business? Click the button below to book a Discovery call with me!

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