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Top Three Organisational Tools for Your Business Success

Top Three Organisational Tools for Your Business Success

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One of the things my clients and friends praise me for is my organisational skills. My clients love it because I'm able to keep them on their toes and my friends love it because it makes them push themselves further in life.

Do you want to know the real secret about my organisational skills is?


It's the fact that I forget a lot of things. Call it the mum brain or whatever it is. Things won't get done if I don't have it written down or I if I don't do it straight away.

I have a lot of things on my mind, my business and family life. There's a lot of things going on, so to keep me organised, I have to rely on my brain, being the first tool and a few other things.

I use my iPhone notes app to write a lot of things down, but then it got to where I had hundreds of notes, so I started using a pen and notepad but then I had the problem of it not being in the clouds.

So, now I've gone back to my notes app. I make sure I title everything and put them in folders. I also make sure that I use keywords because often I might not remember the title, but if I use keywords, I'm able to use the search bar, and that goes with anything, to be fair.

I would like to keep this to just business, but I apply this same approach to my personal life because it's hard to separate your personal life and business.

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So here are the 3 tools that help me get and stay organised.

1. Calendar

I couldn't go without it. Appointments, birthday parties to even scheduling date nights have to go in my calendar.

If not, I'm not going. I make sure that I sync this with my business calendar just in case I have any commitments.

You can't be in two places at once. I've had times when I booked a personal event, and a consultation booking came in.

I was not pleased with myself because I didn't schedule my personal time to block my calendar; it's unprofessional, and that's one of the things I pride myself on is my professionalism with my clients.

So I won't be making that mistake again!

2. Notes app

Like I said, this is a tool I make sure I use. Let's not make it complicated but as a tip, make sure you title your notes and use keywords. If you have a due date, make sure you add it to your calendar. Check out my LinkedIn post on being organised here.

3. Client Relationship Manager (CRM) 

Yes, this is a business tool, but it's very important. I'm very passionate about keeping the information in one place and making sure I review them.

I use Dubsado CRM to help me manage my clients. I told you that I'm someone who forgets a lot of things. So, when I take breaks or come back from the weekend, what I did the week before is long gone, so I need to rejig my memory which is why I make notes and document everything.

These are my 3 key tools to ensure that I stay organised and able to service my clients and make sure my personal life is on track.

Did you find this helpful?

Some of it might seem basic, but sometimes basic is what you need.

People always compliment me on my organisation, so I've decided to let you know that being organised doesn't have to be difficult.

Need Help?

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We specialise in assisting service-based businesses to efficiently organise and expand their operations through the strategic utilisation of online and cloud-based tools.

If you need an extra pair of hands, get in touch and book a free consultation here to get started! Don't let another day pass you by; you're stuck in the same place.


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