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Client Management Solution

Client Management Solution

BeniRatio Finances


BeniRatio Finances, an accounting and financial firm, is dedicated to supporting business owners in managing their financial affairs. Recognising the need for efficient client management, we collaborated with Beniratio Finance to develop a customised CRM system.


Prior to our intervention, Beniratio Finance faced challenges in manually handling customer details, records, process stages, deadlines, meetings, and payments. The existing processes were time-consuming and required a more streamlined approach.

Client Goals 

The primary goal for BeniRatio Finances was to enhance client management processes, automate manual tasks, and create a more efficient system for handling customer-related information.

What we did 

We designed and implemented a comprehensive Client Management Solution tailored to the specific needs of BeniRatio Finance. The CRM system facilitates the seamless management of customer details, records, process stages, deadlines, meetings, and payments.

What happened as a result

The outcome of our collaboration with BeniRatio Finance was a transformative shift from manual processes to an automated, streamlined system. The new CRM system significantly improved the efficiency of managing clients, providing a centralised platform for overseeing various aspects of client information.

Professional Female

Benedicta Egbeme

Head Accountant and Founder of BeniRation Finance

What Our Client Says...

This is the woman who has helped me put my systems together.
When you see the links and buttons to pay, it's all Phebi. She has helped me get my life together.
Phebi communicated throughout the project. I would definitely work with her again.

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