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The Simple Systems Solution

Introducing the Simple Systems Solution – Your Gateway to Seamless Business Operations!

The Simple Systems Solution offers done-for-you systems implementation that helps you organise and systemise your processes. We understand that your time is invaluable, and the key to your success lies in efficiently managing your client relationships, courses, and overall business backend. Our tailored solutions focus on three core services to address your unique needs: CRM Development, Course Development, and Business organisation and resource Solutions for an efficient and seamless business operation.


Navigating business growth can be overwhelming, especially when managing a surge in referrals. Late nights spent catching up on proposals and drowning in repetitive emails are pushing you towards burnout. The struggle to scale is real, fearing that an influx of clients will compromise service quality, and the cycle continues, leaving you in the same spot as a year ago.


As a visionary entrepreneur, administrative tasks are not your forte.

Enter the Simple Systems Solution – a transformative approach to analyse your business backend, establish an efficient structure, and systemise your operations.


You will become empowered and more productive. You will be able to effortlessly sell your services and break free from the shackles of burnout.


Service Offerings 

Image by Carlos Muza
Image by Carlos Muza

Client Management Solution

What you will get:

1. 1:1 System Strategy Session:​ We’ll develop a tailored system strategy that aligns with your unique requirements and objectives.

2.  SOP Workflow: Design and document an SOP workflow to guide your team through key processes.​

3.  Invoicing & Payments: We’ll Implement a robust invoicing system to streamline your billing processes.​

4. Scheduler: Set up an efficient scheduling system to manage appointments and bookings.​

5. Forms & Packages: Develop customised forms to capture essential client information and create structured packages that align with your service offerings.​

6. Client Portal: Customise the portal to showcase your brand and enhance the client experience and implement secure login features to protect sensitive data.

7. Custom Canned Emails: Create a library of custom canned emails for common communication scenarios and tailor emails to reflect your brand voice and maintain professional correspondence.

8. Automated Workflows: Design and implement automated workflows to streamline repetitive tasks.​

9. Tool Integration: Evaluate and integrate essential tools to enhance overall system functionality.​

Timeline: 4 Weeks for your x1 signature service only 

Investment: £2,500

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Course Development Solution

What you will get:

1. Funnel Buildout:

Sales Page Creation: You'll get a compelling sales page that effectively communicates the value of your course, engages potential customers, and encourages conversions.
Payment Page Creation: You'll get a user-friendly payment page, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction process for your customers.
Success Page Creation: You'll get a crafted success page that delivers a positive post-purchase experience, provides access instructions, and sets the tone for the course journey.

2. Course Platform Buildout:
Platform Selection: We use Kartra platform to build your course platform.
Course Structure Setup: We will build out the course structure, including modules, lessons, and any additional resources, ensuring an organised and intuitive learning experience.
Content Upload: We'll upload and organise course content, such as videos, documents, quizzes, and assignments, within the selected platform.

3. Offboarding and Onboarding Emails:
Onboarding Sequence: You'll get onboarding emails to welcome and guide new course participants, providing them with essential information and setting expectations for the course ahead.

Offboarding Sequence: You'll also get a thoughtful offboarding email sequence to maintain engagement after course completion, gather feedback, and potentially promote future offerings.

4. Software Integration:
Integration Assessment: We'll evaluate and select appropriate software tools that align with your course development and marketing needs and implement seamless integrations between different software tools, ensuring they work harmoniously to automate processes and enhance overall efficiency.

Timeline: 6 - 8 weeks 

Investment: £3,500

Tidy Desk
Tidy Desk
Tidy Desk

The Business Hub Solution

What you will get:

  1. Productivity Setup: Streamlined inbox organisation, calendar integration with all your tools, and Google Drive organisation.

  2. Business HQ Set up: A centralised hub for all your resources, SOPs, and business information – think of it as your company intranet.

  3. CRM Setup: Tailored to meet your unique business needs.  Creation of crafted canned emails, forms, proposals, and efficient workflows. This includes an appointment scheduler, email confirmations and reminders for seamless client communication.

  4. Project Management System Set up: For effective client and project management within teams and tasks. 

  5. 30-day Systems Support Period: Guidance and troubleshooting support for a smooth transition.

Timeline: 8 - 10 weeks 

Investment: £4,500

The Process

Remote Team Meeting

1. Onboarding

Commence the process with a questionnaire to gather essential information about your business, objectives, and specific requirements. We'll also conduct a kick-off call and plan the next steps.

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2. Strategy Session

Engage in a mapping session to visualise and structure the entire system implementation process. We'll Pinpoint key workflows and processes to be integrated, ensuring a clear roadmap for subsequent phases.

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3. Organise

We'll initiate organisation efforts by structuring and optimising your email inbox for improved communication efficiency. We'll also Implement a systematic filing system for documents, ensuring easy access and streamlined workflows.

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4. Assest Creation

We'll will then create your assests, including custom forms, templates, documents, and any required materials.

Craft content such as custom templated emails and other resources essential for a seamless operation.

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5. Development

This is where we start to bring everything together. 

We'll begin systematically implementing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and workflow structures.

We'll integrate tools and software for a cohesive and interconnected system. Streamline repetitive tasks and enhance overall efficiency.


6. Launch

We'll conduct a thorough test and review of the implemented systems and processes.

User Training: Provide necessary training for you and your team to ensure a smooth transition and optimal utilisation of the new system and then officially launch your new backend operations, marking the beginning of enhanced operational efficiency.

Who is this for?

  • Small service-based businesses. ​​

  • Already selling your services consistently.

  •  You want to organise and optimise your business to improve productivity.​​

  • Tech is not your thing; you would rather get someone else to do it. 

  • You want to ensure you provide a high-level service to your clients. 

  • You need a helping hand as you have too much on your plate.

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What our clients are saying?

“Wow! Thank you, you made everything easier!”

Just saw your email and the portal! And wow thank you for all your work. You took your time and made my life easier, and sorted things out. Things I didn't even know I needed, like the logo. Thank you for the video, too.

—  Celestina, Floating Counselling

How to Get Started...

  • How will Simple Systems Solutions ensure the seamless integration of the recommended systems into my existing business operations?
    Simple Systems Solutions takes a personalised approach to integration. During your consultation, we assess your current operational needs and suggest the most appropriate service for your business.
  • What if I have specific tools or software that I prefer to use? Can you accommodate these preferences?
    Absolutely! Our goal is to enhance your business processes while respecting your preferences. During the onboarding phase, we take into account the tools you already use and prefer. We strive to integrate these seamlessly into our system solutions, ensuring a cohesive and familiar workflow for you and your team.
  • Will implementing these systems be time-consuming, causing disruptions to my current operations?
    We understand the importance of a seamless transition. Our implementation process is designed to minimise disruptions to your ongoing operations. We work collaboratively to establish a realistic timeline, and our experienced team ensures that each phase is executed efficiently, with minimal impact on your day-to-day activities.
  • How will you support my team in adapting to these new systems?
    Training and support are integral parts of our service. We provide comprehensive training sessions tailored to your team's needs, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate and leverage the new systems. Additionally, our 14 - 30 days Systems Support period offers general guidance and troubleshooting to address any questions or challenges that may arise.
  • What if I already have some systems in place? Can you work with my existing infrastructure?
    Absolutely. Our approach is flexible and adaptive. Whether you have existing systems in place or are starting from scratch, we'll work with what you've got to enhance your current infrastructure. Our aim is to optimise what you have, filling gaps where necessary, and ensuring a cohesive and efficient overall system.
  • Do you offer payment plans for your services?
    Yes, we do offer payment plans for services exceeding £5,000. It's important to note that full payment of invoices is required before the commencement of the project.
  • How long does the project take?
    The duration of each project can vary based on its complexity, scope, and specific requirements. We usually provide you with a detailed timeline during the onboarding and planning phase. We aim to strike a balance between efficiency and thoroughness, ensuring that the implementation of any of our Simple Systems Solutions aligns seamlessly with your business needs.
  • How can we get started?
    Simple, book a free consultation then we'll go from there.


Please note that all invoices must be completed before project commences 

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