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Website Design

Website Design

CJC Property Development


CJC Property Development specialises in supporting landlords, homeowners, and property professionals in refurbishing their properties. Facing the challenge of not having an online presence, we collaborated with CJC to design and build their website from scratch.


Before our intervention, CJC Property Development lacked an online platform, resulting in prospective clients being unable to view their past work. This absence of a website also contributed to a lack of trust with clients who sought tangible evidence of the company's capabilities.

Client Goals 

Curtis, representing CJC Property Development, aimed to establish an online presence that showcased their previous work. The goal was to build a website that not only highlighted the type of work they do but also instilled trust and credibility with potential clients.

What we did 

Our team worked closely with Curtis to create a comprehensive website that showcased CJC Property Development's work to clients. We started from scratch, ensuring that the website not only highlighted their portfolio but also provided a user-friendly platform for potential clients to explore.

What happened as a result

The outcome of our collaboration with CJC Property Development was the successful creation of a website that addressed their initial challenges. The website now serves as a dynamic showcase of their work, allowing potential clients to browse through their portfolio and gain confidence in the company's capabilities.

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Construction and Founder of CJC Property Development

What Our Client Says...

Before working with Phebi I had no website. I had many of my clients ask to see my work and had no way of showing it to them unless I showed them pictures on my phone. Phebi helped me to create a website and showcase my work. Thank you Phebi for the website. I really appreciate it and I'm happy with your work.

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