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Website Design

Website Design

KESIS Consulting


KESIS Consulting, an internationally recognized Safeguarding Consultancy, approached us with the need to establish a strong online presence for their new consultancy business. We undertook the project to build their informative website and provide Virtual Assistant (VA) support.


Tina, representing KESIS Consulting, was time-poor and required a website to establish a professional online presence for the new consultancy business. The absence of a website hindered the ability to provide comprehensive information to potential clients.

Client Goals 

The primary goal for KESIS Consulting was to have a professional website that provided comprehensive insights into their services. Additionally, Tina sought VA support to help with organisation, finding new clients, and marketing the business.

What we did 

We built a responsive and informative website for KESIS Consulting. Simultaneously, we provided Virtual Assistant support to address organisational needs, find new clients, and support marketing efforts.

What happened as a result

The outcome of our collaboration with KESIS Consulting was the successful creation of a professional website. Clients were now able to find information easily, and the business appeared more professional. The integration of VA support facilitated business organisation and growth.

Professional Female


Founder and Safeguarding Consultant

What Our Client Says...

Phebi has been phenomenal in supporting me to get more organised, find new clients and  market my business. Her support has enabled me to continue and grow my business whilst on maternity leave, her passion and initiative has felt like she is part of my team. I've been highly impressed with her service and without a doubt will continue to utilise her service.

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