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Course Development Solution

Course Development Solution

Leaders of Change


Leaders of Change, a learning platform for business and executive leaders, approached us with the challenge of not having the time to build and manage their membership site and implement email marketing services. Being time-constrained due to other business commitments, the founders sought our expertise to streamline these processes.


JoJo and Shenuma, the founders of Leaders of Change, were time-poor and didn't enjoy the process of building and managing the platform and sales funnels. Their focus on other businesses limited the time available for developing and maintaining the educational platform.

Client Goals 

The primary goals for Leaders of Change included building a platform that reflected their brand identity and facilitated the seamless onboarding of clients. The aim was to create a course platform and sales funnel that not only represented their brand but also automated the process of bringing customers onboard.

What we did 

We collaborated with JoJo and Shenuma to build a comprehensive Course and Membership Platform. We designed a system that not only reflected their brand but also made it easy for clients to onboard seamlessly. Additionally, we implemented email marketing services to enhance their overall online presence.

What happened as a result

The outcome of our collaboration with Leaders of Change was a fully automated educational platform. The membership transitioned to a new platform, creating an enhanced experience for their members. The integration of a streamlined sales funnel facilitated a smoother onboarding process for new customers.

Professional Female

JoJo and Shenuma

Co Founders of Leaders of Change

What Our Client Says...

From start to finish our experience with Phebi was amazing, she thought of things we never would have and completely over-delivered.

Our whole membership transitioned to a new educational platform and is now FULLY automated and is going to create the best experience for our members.

THANK YOU @phebi_king and we are sorry but you are not going anywhere now! #team

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