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Client Management Solution

Client Management Solution



pRespect sought our assistance in optimising their client operations to enhance workflow efficiency and deliver a seamless, professional service. Our services empowered them to scale their offerings effortlessly, ensuring streamlined and efficient service expansion.


Viana faced challenges with unorganised client management and required expert knowledge on utilising tools for efficient operations. The absence of a structured CRM system hindered their ability to automate client information and communication.

Client Goals 

The primary goal for pRespect was to have a CRM system that organized and automated client information and communication. The aim was to streamline operations and enable a more comprehensive and fluid client relationship management system.

What we did 

Our team collaborated with Viana to build a comprehensive CRM system for pRespect. We undertook the CRM buildout, ensuring that it met their specific needs and streamlined client operations.

What happened as a result

The outcome of our collaboration with pRespect was the successful implementation of a comprehensive CRM system. Monitored by Freedom with Simple Systems, the system allowed pRespect to focus on content creation while maintaining positive and structured relationships with clients. It significantly reduced the time spent on back-and-forth contract negotiations.

Professional Female

Viana Maya

L&D Specialist | DEI and Antiracism Consultant

What Our Client Says...

We now have a far more comprehensive and fluid CRM system in place that works well being monitored by Freedom with Simple Systems. This means we are able to focus on our content and allow the system to help us maintain a positive and structured relationship with our clients. It has also helped us to control time spent on the back and forth of contract negotiations when previously this could be protracted. When we started working with Phebi, we could breathe a sigh of relief!"

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