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Website Design and Client Management Solution

Website Design and Client Management Solution

Seven Opulence


Seven Opulence, a property concierge service catering to property professionals, sought our assistance in establishing an online presence. We undertook the project to build both their website and CRM system.


Julia, representing Seven Opulence, faced the challenge of lacking a website and database to showcase their services and collect client information. This gap hindered their ability to effectively communicate with clients and showcase the value of their property concierge service.

Client Goals 

The primary goal for Seven Opulence was to have a comprehensive online platform that showcased their services. Additionally, they aimed to implement a CRM system to collect client information and facilitate communication through automation.

What we did 

We collaborated with Julia to build both a website and a CRM system for Seven Opulence. The website was designed to effectively showcase their property concierge services, while the CRM system was implemented to collect client information and streamline communication through automation.

What happened as a result

The outcome of our collaboration with Seven Opulence was the successful development of a fully functional website and CRM system. The website now serves as a dynamic platform to showcase services, and the CRM system efficiently collects client information, enabling automated communication.

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What Our Client Says...

I was completely all over the place in my business. I was simply looking to organise my business but in fact, it's a whole new experience! I am confident that my new clients will receive improved and an excellent experience when working with me.

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