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Client Management Solution

Client Management Solution

Soluman Consultancy


Soluman Consultancy, known for delivering high-impact CPD-accredited programs and development opportunities for corporate companies, sought our expertise in developing their CRM system. They also provide 1-1 coaching to support individual growth.


Initially the company faced challenges with poor follow-up practices, resulting in lost opportunities to upsell and increased client retention. The absence of an efficient system hindered the overall client experience.

Client Goals 

The primary goals for Soluman Consultancy were to automate client communication, streamline proposal and invoice processes, and enhance the overall client experience. The aim was to increase client capacity, improve productivity, and become more efficient.

What we did 

We collaborated with Lola to develop a comprehensive CRM system tailored to the specific needs of Soluman Consultancy. The focus was on automating client communication, proposals, and invoices to enhance the overall client experience.

What happened as a result

The outcome of our collaboration with Soluman Consultancy was the successful development and implementation of a CRM system. This system not only automated various aspects of client interaction but also contributed to increased client capacity, improved productivity, and overall efficiency.

Professional Female

Lola Bejide

Founder and Early Years Career Strategist

What Our Client Says...

"Phebi recognised that what I wanted wasn't what I needed. Phebi takes all the stress out of it and makes sure you give your clients the best user experience possible"

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