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3 Ways to Improve your Client Experience

Most people forget how important client experience is. They focus on bringing in the clients; by the time they sign the client, they have no energy to put in the effort to go over and beyond. Sure, you might have a dedicated team to answer client questions or ensure everything is intact, but you don't want to work hard getting new clients through your marketing. You have to remember that


You want to create a referral-worthy service that keeps your clients coming back for more and happy to tell people about your service.

Essentially you want them to become promoters for your business.

Like I said, it's not just about answering questions it's about going the extra mile in the little things.

Motto: 'Under promise and over-deliver. When offering your service, it should be the standard offer. Don't promise them the world and then realise that you can't deliver it because it's a lot of work. Instead, give them what they came for and add little extras.
When I work with a client, I give them what they want, but I know they might need something else to go the extra mile. It doesn't have to be a big thing but remember you are the expert. You know what makes your service great.
Here's what one of my previous clients said:

Hi Phebi, Thank you for all your work. You made everything easier and thought of things that I didn't even think of. Also, thank you for the videos.

- Celestina, Founder of Floating Counselling.

Here are a few key things she mentioned and tips to improve your client's experience.

I made it easier - Your clients want simple. I've realised that the most successful businesses are the most simple ones. No one likes things that are too fancy or over-complicated.

I thought of things that she didn't think of - As I mentioned above, you are the expert in your business. Think ahead! What do your clients need that they didn't know they needed? This is major because it gives you that wow factor.

I created videos - I went out of my way to make personalised videos. I didn't leave my clients out to dry after working with me; I gave them takeaways, something I know will help them even after their time with me.
This time I haven't given you a bunch of tools you could use but in fact key things that can push your client experience to the next level.

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Do you need help?

Ready to level up your client experience but don't know how? Get in touch and book your free consultation to learn more about how we can help. We are a client management solutions service where we help service-based businesses to build and improve their client experience.


I'm Phebi (Systems Strategist), Creator of Freedom with Simple Systems (FWSS).

At FWSS we help small service-based businesses leverage tech by building systems that generate leads, build valuable relationships and improve client experiences while saving business owners time, effort and money.

If you need help with your business backend, such as client management systems, website, email, or online business management, then get in touch by booking a free consultation here.


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