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5 Ways to Easily Improve Your Client Experience In the Month of February 💕

Your client process is one of the essential aspects when it comes to your service-based business. Many service businesses rely on referrals which is why your client experience has to do all the talking. Your clients are your free marketers.

They’ll talk about how good your service is and pay you for it. So, rather than spending money on marketing your getting money instead.

You could argue that the investment you make on your client experience is spending money on marketing, but either way, it’s a win-win.

You’re more likely to save money with a client experience that makes your clients want to tell others about you.

You want to make sure you improve your client experience because it can boost your business value and demand.

You have to remember the more people who are happy with your service, the more loyal they are.

There is a thin line between love and hate. A client or customer who loves your brand will leave after one bad experience.

People are willing to pay for the experience.

Think about when you go for a holiday. Most people don’t just book a room they want a room with a view, they want that feeling of being on holiday and waiting on.

Now, that’s an experience.

While writing this, I had to think about the difference between customer (client) service and customer experience. But really what is the difference? Well, I see it like this...

Customer service is more of a transaction. You pay for something, and you receive the service.

In contrast, a customer (client) experience is emotional; getting your clients excited and surprising them with upgrades or things that will benefit them without the extra cost to them.

Let’s say you get a client who signs up for your membership, and with the membership, they get resources like videos and a few other bits and bobs to help them but then that’s just it. I give you money to provide me with the things I pay for.

People find it hard to sit and watch videos but doing client check-ins and asking how they’re getting on is the right step to improving client experience—sending them an email asking them what they need help with or throwing in a coaching call to help implement a business strategy can easily shock your clients and make them feel supported.

Leaving your clients just to get on with it doesn’t make them feel good no matter how many resources you put out there.

People want to feel like they’re important and you’re not just there to take their money. Sometimes it’s about that personal touch too. 😍

So, here are a few tips to love on your clients a little bit more in this love month of February 💞.

1. Simple and Seamless

The simple things are always the most valued. Making your process easy for the client helps to reduce the overwhelm. Anything complicated can quickly stop them from moving forward or taking longer to achieve the results required. The only way to know how simple something is, is trough testing and obtaining feedback. So, before you launch any client-facing processes, test it as much as you and make sure the client can go from a to b seamlessly.

2. Answer their questions

Your clients will always have questions, and these questions are usually about what’s on their mind or any blockers. Start keeping a list of common questions clients or potential clients ask you and add these to your FAQs that way they don’t have to ask for the answer they can just find it. With more and more people online, especially in the current times, people are likely to search your website social pages for answers to their questions. So, answer their questions with clarity!

3. Under-promise but over-deliver

This one is my favourite! Under promise! You never want to be the person who over-promises and under-delivers. That’s the worst. To be honest, it will probably be a bad taste in their mouth.

Yes, you want to let them know that you can meet their needs but when it comes to the time for delivery, give them a little bit more than what they were expecting. 😉

4. Speedy Responses and Delivery

Again, super-duper important. People are paying for speed and quality. If they weren’t in a rush to achieve the results, they wouldn’t be paying for your service. However, in saying that you want to make sure you’re straight forward about the delivery or expectations of how long it might take.

Here I like to give myself enough room just in case anything goes wrong. So, if I know that it will take me four days to complete the task or project, I’ll probably tell them seven days. This way if I complete it quickly then I’ve met their expectations and more.

5. Thank you gifts

Thank you’s are always a nice and unexpected touch to building relationships with your clients. I love receiving coupons, discounts or anything of the kind. You can send your client’s digital vouchers. I’d suggest you learn about your clients and send them something that will help with health and well being, business or personal development.

It can also be something from their industry depending on the type of client you have, but you want it to be something they’ll find valuable.

Client relationships tools are super beneficial and can provide a seamless and consistent experience, save you time, and boost your business efficiency.

There are so many out there, but my favourite is Dubsado which is particularly useful for creatives, coaches and consultants. Dubsado allows for automation to occur and has so many features that you can save money by just using this one tool.

If you don’t have a CRM, then try Dubsado on me.

You’ll get 20 per cent off your first month or year. I also have a free workflow tracker you can download to help you start setting it all up, click here to grab hold of it now.

Phebi King

Online Systems and Business Support

Thanks for reading. I help online service-based coaches and consultants to build out their client management system. If this is something, you need help book a complimentary call with me here 🙂

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